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fleazul Courses
  Conversation courses Londres
Aimed at adolescents, young adults and adults. Their purpose is
to improve oral communication and different aspects of the language.
  ESP Courses
Aimed at young adults and adults (doing degrees at university)
as well as at professionals (Business, Psychology, Biology, Medicine,
The Media, etc.)
  In-company courses

Aimed at adults who need to improve their linguistic skills to communicate fluently and effectively.
  Spanish Courses for foreigners
cursos de conversacion en ingles
Aimed at foreigners who want to learn Spanish.
Training courses for international exams

Aimed at students who want to sit for international exams. Candidates will be working on the four skills (writing, reading, listening and speaking) in these courses.
flevio Academic preparation for English teacher training and translation colleges
Aimed at candidates who want to sit for admission exams at an English teacher training college and/ or a translation college.
flenaranj Coaching

Seminars aimed at improving different aspects of the language through Phonetics, Literature, the visual arts, music…

Meetings in which students who have travelled to and lived in English speaking countries share their experiences with other students.

Seminars led by a team of psychologists who aim at thinking together with attendants, new strategies to deal with the needs of students today.

International Exams

  Courses aimed at international exam training.

KET (Cambridge)

It tests candidates on most basic communication abilities.

PET (Cambridge) It tests candidates on basic communication everyday situations.
FCE (Cambridge) Candidates are assessed on their ability to communicate spontaneously, fluently and accurately on various issues.
CAE (Cambridge) It allows candidates to gain certification for advanced levels of English suitable for use in academic and professional life.
CPE (Cambridge) It tests English ability at the highest possible level and demonstrates that candidates can communicate fluently in both academic and professional fields.


BEC (Cambridge)

It gives candidates practical skills to help them succeed in English-speaking international business environments.
ILEC (Cambridge) It assesses language skills in a legal context and may be used as a proof of the level of language necessary to work in an international context.
TOEFL It measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to use and understand North American English (as it is spoken, written and heard in university and college settings.
GMAT (Graduate
Admission Test)
It measures analytical writing, verbal and and
problem-solving abilities in preparation for admission into management programs, such as MBA.
SAT It is a standardised test required by US universities as part of their admission process. It assesses problem-solving, logic and critical reasoning skills.
fleazu AACI Certificates
Students sit for their end of the year exams at AACI and get a certificate.


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